Don’t like the look of oil canning and want a matte finish facade? You need Vestis Nebula!

Oil canning, some people love it, others despise the rippling appearance often seen on metal cladding facades. Unfortunately some materials are more likely to oil can compared to others. While correct installation of roof and wall cladding profiles can minimise panel waves, installation is not always the cause. Zinc and occasionally aluminiumare simply more likely to oil can; especially on long panels.

Once installed our new Vestis Nebula aluminium collection provides a consistent, flat and smooth facade finish. The Nebula range is textured.  To view a sample you would never guess how matte and smooth the product looks in-situ, but as we start to complete our first projects, the stunning, architectural finish offered by Vestis Nebula is undeniable.


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Material Specifications

Material: Vestis pre-painted aluminium, Nebula Luna and Nebula Midnight – matte finish on install
Profile/application: Interlocking and Standing Seam cladding profiles
Thickness: 0.8 mm
Hardness: H44
Coating: 35 micron coil coating
Coil width: 1200 mm


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Architectural Metals Australia product Vestis pre-painted aluminium, Nebula Luna and Nebula Midnight

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