metal cladding

Vestis Nebula Midnight on a Tiny House by JMB

Good things come in small packages.   Material Specifications Material: Vestis pre-painted aluminium, Nebula MidnightProfile/application: Interlocking express wall claddingThickness: 0.8 mmHardness: H44Coating: 35 micron coil coatingCoil width: 1200 mm a.zozo-button-1{color:#ffffff;background-color:#117FA4;}a.zozo-button-1:hover, a.zozo-button-1:active, a.zozo-button-1:focus{color:#ffffff;background-color:#424A4D;}Request Samples   Gallery Cladding installer: JMB Modular Buildings Cladding Manufacturer: Metal Cladding SystemsArchitectural Metals Australia product: Vestis Nebula Midnight  

Vestis Black Graphite on Adelaide Street

Vestis Black Graphite making it’s mark with dramatic Standing Seam angles. Material Specifications Material: Vestis pre-painted aluminium, Black Graphite Profile/application: Vertical Standing Seam Thickness: 0.8 mm Hardness: H44 Coating: 35 micron coil coating Coil width: 1200 mm a.zozo-button-2{color:#ffffff;background-color:#117FA4;}a.zozo-button-2:hover, a.zozo-button-2:active, a.zozo-button-2:focus{color:#ffffff;background-color:#424A4D;}Request Samples Gallery Cladding installer: Advanced Metal Cladding Cladding Manufacturer: Metal Cladding Systems Architectural Metals Australia product: Vestis Black Graphite aluminium

Midson Street Townhouses

Vestis Black Graphite and Vestis Copper, the perfect pair. Material Specifications Material: Vestis pre-painted aluminium, Black Graphite and Copper Profile/application: Vertical Standing Seam Thickness: 0.8 mm Hardness: H44 Coating: 35 micron coil coating Coil width: 1200 mm   a.zozo-button-3{color:#ffffff;background-color:#117FA4;}a.zozo-button-3:hover, a.zozo-button-3:active, a.zozo-button-3:focus{color:#ffffff;background-color:#424A4D;}Request Samples   Gallery Cladding installer: Sustainable Cladding and Roofing Cladding Manufacturer: Sustainable Cladding and Roofing Builder: Carbone Developments Architectural Metals Australia product: Vestis Black Graphite aluminium and Vestis Copper aluminium

Willansby Avenue Units

Vestis Nebula Storm aluminium provides a cost effective matt alternative to blue/grey titanium zinc. Material Specifications Material: Vestis pre-painted aluminium, Nebula Storm Profile/application: Vertical Snaplock and Interlocking Thickness: 0.8 mm Hardness: H44 Coating: 35 micron coil coating Coil width: 1200 mm   a.zozo-button-4{color:#ffffff;background-color:#117FA4;}a.zozo-button-4:hover, a.zozo-button-4:active, a.zozo-button-4:focus{color:#ffffff;background-color:#424A4D;}Request Samples   Gallery Cladding installer: Gunther Developments Builder: Gunther Developments Architectural Metals Australia product: Vestis Nebula Storm aluminium  

Vestis Aged Copper Aluminium, coming 2018

Introducing our new 2018 Vestis Collection colour, Aged Copper by Mazzonetto Spa.   Aged Copper provides a deeper, earthier appearance to our original Vestis Copper patina surface. This new product will join our stocked range of pre-coated architectural aluminium in March 2018. Produced in Italy with our other pre-painted aluminium products, Vestis Aged Copper is sure to quickly become a favourite among specifiers. It offers the look of aged natural copper and Corten weathering steels, however unlike these materials the surface won’t continue

Stock announcement: Vestis Verde and Vestis Grigio to be retired

Two of our original Vestis colours will move into retirement effective 1 November, 2017.   As architectural trends move towards different colour palettes, we have decided to remove Verde and Grigio from our stocked range of Vestis aluminium coils. This decision will allow us to better service building design demands.   What does retirement mean? Retiring Verde and Grigio means we will no longer hold stock of these two patina colours in our Melbourne warehouse. The finishes will still be available on request; international lead

New Vestis aluminium colours

New cladding materials, yes please!   We are excited to announce two new Vestis aluminium colours. Vestis is a pre-painted aluminium product, coated with high durability polyester paint. In response to architectural demand for smoother black and grey finishes, we have added two additional colours into our standard stock collection. Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016) and Dusty Grey (RAL 7037) are now available in 1200 mm half tonne coils at 0.80 mm gauge. Anthracite Grey Grey is the new black. Grey is dominating interior design

Bates Street Extension

Don’t like the look of oil canning and want a matte finish facade? You need Vestis Nebula! Oil canning, some people love it, others despise the rippling appearance often seen on metal cladding facades. Unfortunately some materials are more likely to oil can compared to others. While correct installation of roof and wall cladding profiles can minimise panel waves, installation is not always the cause. Zinc and occasionally aluminiumare simply more likely to oil can; especially on long panels. Once installed our

Coloured zintek®, now available

Italian material producers zintek® have extended their range to include coloured zinc.   Zintek® are authentic zinc craftsmen. After years of dedicated research and product development, they have designed their own coloured zinc collection. “The Coloured Ones” consists of six, vibrant products, all bursting  with character and finished with zintek’s® recognisable black surface etching. “The Coloured Ones” range is now available through Architectural Metals Australia. We currently keep Rock Grey stock in our Melbourne warehouse. All other colours can be ordered as needed. Given the boutique

Albert Park College

New meets old at Albert Park College Last year Albert Park College’s Port Melbourne campus received a makeover. With Six Degree Architects, the school invested in a state-of-the-art year nine student campus. The development re-purposes The Drill Hall – a heritage listed Port Melbourne landmark, and former Circus Oz headquarters. The design is respectful to the existing architecture, making use of the building’s tremendous open interior spaces, and industrial facade. The architecture manages to balance old and new, keeping traditional elements