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Material Range

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Project Applications

Cladding, roofing and artistic feature work; be inspired by possibility. 

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This is AMA

Established in 2012, Architectural Metals Australia (AMA), is extending material design freedom across Australia and New Zealand. AMA import Italian sheet metal designed specifically for architectural applications. At AMA, we offer scope for individuality.

The past 15 years has seen European style cladding and roofing become increasingly popular across Australia and New Zealand. This surge has motivated material suppliers to evolve, ensuring there are specification options, capable of matching architectural trends.

AMA is the brainchild of Victorian based rainwater goods manufacturer, Bayside Flashing & Ventilations Pty Ltd. and sister company, Metal Cladding Systems Pty Ltd. Towards the end of 2011, leadership teams from both businesses began to pool 30 plus years’ of experience. They researched what their local roofing and cladding industry was lacking, to identify potential opportunities to better contribute.

After analysing their own experiences, speaking with peers, installers, builders and design professionals, they discovered quality products were abundant, but material diversity and reliable onshore stock, was not.

Today AMA is a rapidly expanding distribution business. By importing Italian materials, we are able to offer metal intentionally designed for European style cladding and roofing profiles. Most commonly Vestis and zintek® are specified and folded for standing seam, interlocking, nailstrip and flatlock systems. Vestis and zintek® have also been applied on custom artistic features and metal work projects.

Our strategic partnerships with key Italian material suppliers, and a trusted local customer network, allows us to offer supported, informed and relevant service – in addition to outstanding aluminium and zinc coils.

For more information on becoming a stockist, purchasing coils, or for specification assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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The AMA Difference

Specialist materials for unique applications

Exclusive European distribution partnerships

Strong and trusted supply network

Dedicated architectural team, for project based material solutions

In-house cladding and roofing experts

Dedicated promotion of AMA materials and AMA customers

Personalised service and support for aligned stockists

Ability to fold and manufacture cladding and roofing panels, if required

Product individuality 

Material Range

Eye catching, unique, like nothing seen before – that’s AMA.

Offering nine pre-painted aluminium products and one zinc, at AMA we provide solutions for those who seek individuality.

zintek® zinc was AMA’s first product. Its unique etched surface, set an aesthetic and quality precedent for future material selection. The AMA leadership team identified with Zintek Srl’s high regard for innovation and continual improvement. In 2012, we forged an official distribution partnership with Zintek Srl.

Zinc offers an incredible natural aesthetic. zintek® is made in Italy, exclusively by Zintek Srl, and is a flexible material, suitable for multiple cladding and roofing profiles.

Vestis One, from Mazzonetto Spa, offers two copper look, pre-painted aluminium finishes; Vestis Copper and Vestis Edged Copper. Both finishes simulate natural copper aesthetic; capturing and mimicking stages of the material’s ageing process.

In partnership with Mazzonetto Spa, we collaborated to bring Black Graphite to market, extending the Vestis One range. The past twelve months have seen Black Graphite grow to be the most popular Vestis swatch, and one of Australia’s most popular cladding materials.

In August, 2017, our Vestis One collection grew again with the announcement that we would permanently stock Testa Di Moro, Anthracite Grey and Dusty Grey.

Vestis Nebula is an exciting development in pre-painted aluminium and the newest addition to the AMA collection. Nebula Storm, Nebula Midnight and Nebula Luna, posses 3D qualities; evoking spectacular material depth and texture.

Our collection is always growing. If there’s a colour or aesthetic you require, contact us to discuss custom colour production.

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Working with Aluminium and Zinc

Zinc is a natural but durable material

Pre-painted aluminium offers a reproducible surface finish

Aluminium offers an extensive colour palette

Vestis aluminium at H41, is the perfect hardness for cladding and roofing profiles

Zinc and aluminium are low maintenance

Zinc has an expected life span of more than 60 years, reducing the need to re-paint or replace

Vestis aluminium offers warranties up to 40 years, minimising the need to re-paint or replace

Multiple thicknesses in both materials allows application flexibility


Our Suppliers

Zintek Srl

zintek® zinc enjoys a long history of European architectural application. Zintek Srl are market leaders, known for innovation and outstanding creative metal design. zintek® is made exclusively in Marghera, Venice, Italy, by Zintek Srl.

Be inspired by the design freedom and creative possibilities zintek® zinc offers.

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Mazzonetto Spa

Mazzonetto Spa are one of Europe’s leading rainwater and roofing product distributors. Located in Loreggia, just outside of Venice in Italy, their range of Vestis pre-painted aluminium has been applied extensively across Italy, Germany and Poland. Dedicated to research and innovation, Mazzonetto Spa endeavour to always develop, discover and make available the latest product advancements.

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Access brochures and sample folders, as well as supplier literature from Mazzonetto Spa and Zintek Srl. Download material data sheets and technical information to best understand our product range’s suitability to your business or project application.









Mazzonetto Brochure


Vestis User Manual


Zintek® Data Sheets


Vestis Data Sheets


Vestis Climate Guide


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AMA is an exciting new development in sheet metal material availability. Expand your material offering and enquire about becoming an AMA supplier.

We distribute coils from Mazzonetto Spa and Zintek Srl exclusively across Australia and New Zealand, and are always open to speaking with new manufacturers about supply opportunities.

Vestis and zintek® are suitable for architectural cladding systems, facade panels, sheet metal roofing, privacy screens,  decorative screens, garage doors, rainwater goods, and custom applications.

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