zintek®, the perfect architectural accent on Park Street.


Park Street, uses two different cladding metals to create an impressive and dynamic residential facade. Dark coated steel decorates the home’s main structure and Architectural Metals Australia’s (AMA) zintek® zinc, completes the garage door. Both materials have been folded into an interlocking system, creating a sense of continuity across the design. Identical cladding profiles enhance the obvious colour contrast between zintek® and the steel, while still allowing materials to compliment each other.

In addition to light and dark contrast, the two cladding systems also generate an interesting visual texture contrast. The dark steel is smooth and sleek, while zintek’s® etched surface appears rough by comparison. Working with different visual textures is an effective way of identifying, or isolating spaces and locations across a facade, without needing to introduce new materials or wall systems.

Park Street is an exciting example of how effective combining different metal cladding finishes within the one project can be. The two materials provide clear division of space, a dynamic palette, and enhance architectural form and shape.

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Material Specifications

Material: zintek® zinc
Profile: Interlocking cladding profile
Thickness: 0.8 mm
Base material: HV 45
Coil width: 1100 mm

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