Charming Charman Road

Located in Melbourne’s prestigious Bayside area, Charman Road encapsulates the modern Australian family home. Angular and interesting, the architectural facade uses contrasting materials to create a layered street view. The home’s colour palette creatively pulls inspiration from the nearby beach; timber, render, white cladding panels and the upper level’s copper box, mimic a sandy beach’s golden sunset.

The second storey copper metal cladding is undoubtedly the home’s focal point. This feature was created with Architectural Metals Australia’s (AMA) pre-painted Vestis Copper aluminium, folded into an interlocking cladding profile. Vestis Copper’s patina pattern provides a dynamic, visually textured finish.

Working with Vestis Copper, a pre-painted aluminium product, instead of natural copper, means the cladding system will not age, or alter in appearance. Natural copper experiences significant aesthetic evolution as it reacts to atmospheric conditions. Vestis Copper offers an even, exact and ever lasting, copper look – the perfect solution for projects seeking to maintain copper’s original orange appearance.

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Material Specifications

Material: Vestis pre-painted aluminium, Copper
Profile/application: Interlocking cladding profile
Thickness: 0.8 mm
Hardness: H44
Coating: 35 micron coil coating
Coil width: 1200 mm

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