An introduction to zintek® zinc

//An introduction to zintek® zinc
Zintek zinc, Italy

zintek® zinc, beauty, long life and authenticity.

Zinc has been used in architectural applications since the 17th century. Today, zinc remains the most widely used, non-ferrous roofing and cladding material in Europe. Locally, as sheet metal cladding and roofing systems continue to gain popularity, zinc is fast becoming a favourite among architects, builders and homeowners.

In 2012, Architectural Metals Australia (AMA) forged an official relationship with Zintek Srl; becoming their Australia and New Zealand distribution partner. Zintek Srl is a market leader in Italy, specialising in boutique zinc manufacturing. It was Zintek Srl’s focus on environmental practices, innovation, and long lasting, aesthetically pleasing materials that attracted AMA’s leadership team. zintek® is a premium zinc, manufactured in Italy only by Zintek Srl.


As the first material in AMA’s collection, zintek® set a quality and aesthetic precedent for future material selection. Considered an artisan product, unlike anything else in the zinc market, zintek® is capable of offering each project application its own unique aesthetic. Depending on material direction, and cladding profile, zintek® will look different from one installation to another. At first, zintek® presents a gloss surface. Over time, due to the material’s oxidisation process, it’s surface will become more matte.

zintek® Specs

Coil width: 1100 mm
Thickness: 0.80 mm
Base material hardness: HV45
Composition: Zinc, titanium, copper
Environmental durability: Rural 100 years, urban industrial 60 years, industrial 40 years, marine 40 to 60 years

zintek’s® unique etched appearance and mild grey colour, offers an unexpected aesthetic. In Europe zintek’s® subtle, yet visually stimulating surface has enjoyed success in historic towns where new architectural forms must compliment traditional buildings. In Australia, zintek’s® soft appearance has enjoyed successful applications on modern additions to heritage homes.

Zintek zinc Cobden House

In addition to good looks, zintek’s® chemical properties make it a flexible and durable specification option. As an alloy of zinc, zintek® has a minimum fineness of 98.78 and a maximum of 99.86. Copper and titanium appear in zintek® zinc. Copper increases tensile strength and titanium improves resistance. Together, they provide improved resistance to atmospheric corrosion and increase material workability – making zintek® ideal for cladding and roofing manufacturing. In Australia, zintek® has been specified in standing seam and interlocking systems, as well as some custom profile applications. Its flexibility and properties make zintek® suitable for all sheet metal cladding and roofing systems.

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