Eastern Road Townhouse, the power of detail.


Located in Melbourne’s historic suburb of South Melbourne, Eastern Road masterfully present a contemporary facade, with aspects of traditional Victorian residential design. The overall shape of the home symbolically reflects Melbourne’s iconic terrace houses; while material specification and architectural details communicate modern style.

Black zinc, in a standing seam cladding system covers most of the structure. Architectural Metals Australia’s (AMA) zintek® zinc forms feature beams, highlighting the balcony. The two zinc surfaces compliment each other perfectly and offer a classic light and dark contrast.

Eastern Road is an example of the design flexibility and creative opportunities AMA enjoys being involved with. While sheet metal is ideal for cladding and roofing applications, it also makes impressive architectural accents and quirky textured features. Our material range is well suited to privacy screens, decorative screens, interior feature walls, landscaping structures, artistic developments and so much more.

If you have a non-standard, or creative application in mind, contact AMA to discuss your material scope and the solutions we can offer your project.

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Material Specifications

Material: zintek® zinc
Profile/application: Custom beam cladding
Thickness: 0.8 mm
Hardness: HV 45
Coil width: 1100 mm

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