Clyde Street House, eye catching angles and beautiful material contrast.


Clyde Street features Architectural Metals Australia’s (AMA) Vestis Black Graphite, in a horizontal standing seam profile. Black Graphite brings an interesting layer to the home’s design. It compliments and contrasts other facade materials, such as rendered brick, timber and stone. The soft matte finish of Vestis pre-painted aluminium becomes increasingly noticeable in this horizontal application.

Choosing to specify and install Vestis Black Graphite instantly provides projects with sophistication and architectural prestige. Black Graphite offers a similar aesthetic to black zinc, making it an ideal substitute when the look of dark zinc is required but the installer, architect or end user is looking for a material that’s easier to handle and more competitively priced. We launched Black Graphite in 2015, since then it has quickly become a favourite cladding and roofing material.

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Material Specifications

Material: Vestis Black Graphite
Profile/application: Horizontal standing seam cladding profile
Thickness: 0.88 mm
Hardness: H41
Coating: 35 micron coil coating
Coil size: 1200 mm

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