Zintek zinc, Italy

An introduction to Zintek® zinc

Zintek® zinc, beauty, long life and authenticity. Zinc has been used in architectural applications since the 17th century. Today, zinc remains the most widely used, non-ferrous roofing and cladding material in Europe. Locally, as sheet metal cladding and roofing systems continue to gain popularity, zinc is fast becoming a favourite among architects, builders and homeowners. In 2012, Architectural Metals Australia (AMA) forged an official relationship with Zintek®; becoming their Australia and New Zealand distribution partner. Zintek® is a market leader in Italy, specialising in boutique zinc manufacturing. It...


Park Street House, Zintek®

Zintek®, the perfect architectural accent on Park Street.   Park Street, uses two different cladding metals to create an impressive and dynamic residential facade. Dark coated steel decorates the home's main structure and Architectural Metals Australia's (AMA) Zintek® zinc, completes the garage door. Both materials have been folded into an interlocking system, creating a sense of continuity across the design. Identical cladding profiles enhance the obvious colour contrast between Zintek® and the steel, while still allowing materials to compliment each other. In addition to light and dark...

Eastern Road Townhouse

Eastern Road Townhouse

Eastern Road Townhouse, the power of detail.   Located in Melbourne's historic suburb of South Melbourne, Eastern Road masterfully present a contemporary facade, with aspects of traditional Victorian residential design. The overall shape of the home symbolically reflects Melbourne's iconic terrace houses; while material specification and architectural details communicate modern style. Black zinc, in a standing seam cladding system covers most of the structure. Architectural Metals Australia's (AMA) Zintek® zinc forms feature beams, highlighting the balcony. The two zinc surfaces compliment each other perfectly...